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  1. yeah… um… about those lapdance passes… um… what’s the deal with those?

  2. WOW WEEEE. Who would have thunk it. Laurel is a writer and an amazing story teller. You are the next Amy Sedaris or David for that matter. Keep the stories of your life coming!!!

  3. hi Laurel
    Just heard you on NPR and really loved your writing and your voice. Do you ever need a photographer for your stories let me know.

  4. Hi Laurel,

    I heard your story on NPR today and was really moved by it. You and I share a common history. I know what you must be going through. My heart goes out to you.

  5. Hi Laurel. I too was a friend of Anne’s. I miss her almost daily and my heart aches for poor Connor. I live In New Jersey. Anne came to my wedding last September, with her parents and Connor. I miss her terribly. I hope you are doing ok.

  6. Hi Laurel
    Please keep me up-to-date as to where your dad is?

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